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Through the lens of timelessness, we capture love stories framed as art.


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Captivating images that mesmerize viewers

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Intimate portraits that will pull at your heartstrings

Janell Jae Photography

Welcome to Janell Jae Photography, where moments are captured, memories are preserved, and stories are told through the lens. Explore the world of visual storytelling as I take you on a journey through the lens, one click at a time. Whether you're a photography enthusiast, a potential client, or simply an admirer of visual art, I invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of imagery and discover the power of a single frame to convey emotion, meaning, and beauty. Thank you for joining me on this photographic adventure.

Audra  CA

Amazing and beautiful photographs! Exceeded our expectations in every way. A toddler can definitely be challenging to get great photos, but Janell was able to get get her to really enjoy the experience and capture her pure joy. Her professionalism and knowledge made the shoot quick and efficient to get perfect family photos. I absolutely loved every image. I highly recommend Janell Jae Photography and can't wait to use her again.
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